S. S. Canadiana
To: All Buffalo and Western New York Radio and T. V. Stations

A Message and A Request

From The S. S. Canadiana Preservation Society, Inc.
To all Area Television Stations:

All of the major Buffalo Television Stations, along with all the Cable T.V. Companies, have supported the Canadiana project over the years. ~ WBEN Ch. 4 has always made a great effort to give us extended coverage on all the dances and other fund raisings or whenever there was something going on at the boat itself. ~ Brian Kaile of WKBW Ch. 7 attended many of our board meetings and interviewed our people on his "AM Buffalo" show. ~ We appeared on other programs such as WNED Ch. 17's "Over Fifty" and even produced our own "Canadiana Special" which was advertized in T.V. Guide and aired over all the Cable Companies in Western New York. ~ We raised $5000.00 in that one hour. ~ See the "Support" link to see the dozens of T.V. anchors and other area V.I.P.'s who appeared on that special. ~ Recently, Barry Lillis of WGRZ Ch. 2 lent his flair and hosted another one hour Cable Special we put together to tell of our ISTEA funding and all that it meant to the project. ~ While not intended as a fund raiser, that show still brought in several thousand dollars.

Tens of thousands of our supporters who are your viewers, are out there waiting to be told of the Canadiana. ~ They need to know about the current situation and how very close we are to bringing the Canadiana back. ~ Please have us appear on any of the various interview or talk shows on your collective stations. ~ We'll be there and you know the viewers will come. ~ Give us a chance to speak our piece. ~ We will succeed and your viewers will be very grateful they heard it on your station.

Thanks for any and all assistance to "Float the Boat".

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