S.S. Canadiana

Supporters - Past and Present

There have been literally thousands of people involved over the past 12 years helping to bring our Canadiana back from the past. ~ Our organization has spent approximately $250,000 in actual cash dollars raised through contribution and membership dues. ~ Cash expenditures were for the most part situations where it was the only medium, such as insurances of many types, that by law are unable to be contributed.

Approximately $1.5 million has been contributed in services and materials to date. ~ Heavy equipment movers, contractors, tugs, machinery, and the list goes on and on. ~ We have come far with the help of many, and this is how we will complete the rest of the job.

Beyond the service and material are the tens of thousands of hours of physical labor contributed, by tireless individuals, in preparing the Canadiana for the dry dock. ~ These hours are completely incalculable.

We want to thank all those who have supported the Canadiana in any manner what so ever.

The State of New York - Funded Canadiana Feasibility Study.

The City of Buffalo - In excess of $15,000 over the years.

The Wendt Foundation - Funded Canadiana Engineering Study.

Central Buffalo Projects Corp. (Main Place Mall, Buffalo NY) - Provided store space to our organization, approximately 3 years, rent free.

The Buffalo News - October 1987 Editorial Position and many positive articles, before and since.
(This of course was before a non-Buffalonian Editorial Editor came to be in charge.)

Buffalo Chamber of Commerce - Clearing house for incoming pledges and contributions.

American Brass - President Joseph Goodell appeared on our telethon and pledged that American Brass would supply all the railings and other brass materials needed for restoration.

Rupp Rental - Heavy equipment operator has been assisting us since the beginning. ~ The estimate of total services and equipment donated to date is well over $100,000 dollars.

Winters Construction - Heavy equipment mover (R.R. wrecks and such) accomplished getting this huge ship off its five year grounded situation and out onto the lake for the trip to the dry dock.
The following people appeared on a one hour televised fund-raising special with statements of support, urging the public to back the cause.

To "Float the Boat" as they all urged be done.

Some have since gone on and others have changed titles but they are listed as they were at the time of our television program.

The Honorable, Henry Nowak - United States Congressman.

The Honorable, James D. Griffin - Mayor of the City of Buffalo.

Councilman George Arthur - Majority Leader; Buffalo Common Council.

Dr. Andrew Rudnick - Director; Greater Buffalo Development Foundation.

Mr. William Donohue - Director; W.N.Y.Economic Development Agency.

Mr. Alfred Savage - Director; Niagara Frontier Transit Authority.

Mr. Mike Billoni - General Manager; Buffalo Bisons.

Mr. Rick Swist - Director; Erie County Industrial Development Agency.

Mr. Joe Goodell - President; American Brass.

Ms.Joan Scalfoni - Director; Episcopal Charities.

Father Harold Wagner - Cantalecian Center; Catholic Diocese.

News Anchors and other Personalities from all Buffalo T.V. stations. -

One of the criteria for receiving our recent I.S.T.E.A. funding was to show broad based appeal and public support. ~ Here are some of the major letters we received to be included in our application.

The Horizons Waterfront Commission, Inc.
Thomas D. Blanchard Jr. Pres.

The County of Erie; Department of Environment and Planning
Richard M. Tobe, Commissioner.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society
William H. Siener, Ph. D., Executive Director

Western New York Heritage Institute
Edward J. Patton, Director

Urban Transportation Planner - Consultant
Gordon J. Thompson

Congress of the United States
William Paxon, Member of Congress

Congress of the United States
Jack Quinn, Member of Congress

The Assembly; State of New York
Robin Schimminger, Member of Assembly

The Assembly; State of New York
Richard R. Anderson, Member of Assembly

The Assembly; State of New York
Joseph T. Pillitere, Member of Assembly

The Assembly; State of New York
Francis J. Pordum, Member of Assembly

The Assembly; State of New York
Paul A. Tokasz, Member of Assembly

Village of East Aurora - John V. Pagliaccio, Mayor

Town of Evans - Albert J. Chase, Supervisor

Town of Grand Island - James H. Pax, Supervisor

Village of Hamburg - John S. Thomas, Mayor

Town of Lancaster - Lucian J. Greco, Supervisor

Town of West Seneca - Paul T. Clark,Supervisor

Village of Williamsville - Ronald W. Daniels, Mayor

Needless to say, we fullfilled the requirement.
Many contributors of necessary supplies, services, tools, meeting places, storage spaces, printing, repair work, and just about anything needed. ~ There is NO way a complete list can be given and we apologize to all those left out.
Airco Welding School - American Allsafe - American Ship Building - American Steamship - Antique & Classic Boat Society - B.M.S. Builders Supply - Baird Foundation - Bells Supermarket - Berkeley Group/Kayac Pool - Buffalo Cartage - Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society - Buffalo Fire Department - Buffalo Police Department - Business First - Erie County Sheriffs Underwater Divers - Chi Chi Hardware - Consumers Beverage - Custom Canvas - Delaware Camera Mart - De Serio Engineers - Dickinson Lumber - Dowd Company Inc. - Downing Container - Fly A Flag - G & L Wallpaper & Paint - Gallager Painting - Glasiers & Glassworkers - Gold Dome Bank - Gordon Provisions - Gt. Lakes Divers - Gt. Lakes General Contractors - Grossman Lumber - Harrison & Gruber Law Firm - Herb Darling Construction - Higgins Erectors - Hyatt Regency - Industrial Steel Products - Jafco Marine - John W. Cowper Co. - Keller Printing - Kenmore Builders Supply - Key Ring Supply - Kohler Awning - L. A. Wooley Electric - Larry McIntyre - Lumsden & McCormick CPA - M & T Bank - Mack Lumber Co. - Marina Bay Club - Mark Russell - Matro Graphics - Mid City Ofc. Equip. - Mighty Taco - Morgan Linen Supply - Niagara Frontier Transit Authority - Nicholson & Hall - North American Trading & Drayage - North State Supply Co. - O'Shea, Reynolds & Cummings Law Firm - Partners Press - Pepsi Cola - Perkins Rest. - Port Weller Drydock - Pratt & Lambert - Propeller Club - Pratko Welding - Quermback Electric - R. C. R. Yachts - R. W. Gilham Associates - R. W. B. Construction - Raymond C. Keller Inc. - Rent To Own - Rogers Welding - etc.

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