Sample Letter to Governor Pataki

George E. Pataki; Governor
New York State
Executive Chamber
State Capital
Albany, NY 12224
Dear Governor Pataki:
I am writing on behalf of the S. S. Canadiana and wish to add my name to those in support.

We are aware of the difficulties the Canadiana restoration project is having in Buffalo with their efforts to restore this classic and historic ship. ~ We believe the New York State Department of Transportation is now, improperly, refusing to turn over I.S.T.E.A. funding which was awarded the S. S. Canadiana in December 1994.

Please step in and investigate. ~ Please tell the Department of Transportation to reconsider their actions. ~ The Canadiana is an irreplaceable historic structure that will otherwise be lost.

There are many reasons to preserve such a grand ship as this. ~ It holds tremendous historic and educational value. ~ It is a symbol of the 200 year maritime era which settled and produced this country. ~ It's triple expansion steam engine is the type that drove 600 foot palatial passenger steamers from Buffalo NY, then the largest passenger port in the world, inland across the Great Lakes. ~ It is the last example of such ships that can be made to sail again and of the work of Navel Architect Frank Kirby; the Frank Lloyd Wright of the Great Lakes.

Beyond the historic and educational, a sailing Canadiana will put millions of dollars into the Western New York economy every season. ~ The Canadiana can continue to provide these benefits to the people of Western New York and across the country for decades to come. Beyond even this, but far from least, are the social goods the ship will provide; the children who will be able to access our beautiful lake, the families who will find common ground to enjoy together.

We need the Canadiana. ~ The entire country will suffer a loss if this ship is not saved. ~ It is much more than Buffalo's history; it is a part of our national heritage.

You must help bring it back.



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