The S. S. Canadiana

Please Help "Float The Boat"
We have received much needed help from the Canadian Federal Government. Our required $118,000.00 of "matching funds", await us on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. ~ The Canadian government has seen the benefits to the S. S. Canadiana sailing again, between our two countries, and it is standing ready to provide this Economic Development money to the City of Port Colborne, Ontario. ~ This in turn will pay for much of the labor and services needed for the hull rebuild. ~ The money stays in Canada to pay for employment and Canadian products but our requirement to provide a portion of the cost will have been met.

Our most pressing need at this time is for influence. ~ Without this, the NYS D.O.T. will kill our project and sink the Canadiana. ~ We are asking our elected officials to step in and correct this tragic turn of events.

This tremendous opportunity to enhance the economy of both sides of our beautiful lake cannot be allowed to die. ~ Dr. Andrew Rudnick, please take note.

Do what you can to bring the D.O.T. about. ~ If nothing else, please write to

The Governor

As always, any contributions specified for the current Hull Restoration, are guaranteed. ~ If for some any reason, the Canadiana does not go into dry dock and is not repaired, these contribution will be returned. ~ You can be assured, in any manner you wish, that your offering will either go to help accomplish the full restoration of the hull as described in our application and the I.S.T.E.A. Award, or it will be returned to you.

Your contribution is GUARANTEED to accomplish the job.

We can also accept applicable services and/or material contributions for this purpose. ~ Those which can be directly applied to the particular job of hull restoration. ~ These, of course, will also not be used unless the job gets done.

Isn't that a great concept? ~ Please give us the ability to do it.

When we are able to proceed; we will revert back to providing many nice ways for you to continue supporting the Canadiana.

Support the effort with Membership

Be one of the privileged few. ~ Own a Perpetual Pass.

Join the party with a First Day Ticket.

Have us to a party (or meeting) as a Speaker.

Are you a TV or Radio Station?
We ask everyone who has an interest in seeing our ship return, whether it be for it's historic significance or any of the other wonderful reasons that are described within these pages, to please help us in some way. ~

At this time it is by writing the Governor. ~ Just a small effort that can do so much good.

When we start to move, you can go on to anything from major money, to membership, to mailing us your memories of this grand, old ship. ~ Everything is significant.

We want to thank everyone who helps in this matter. ~ Hull restoration is the key to the rest of the project. ~ We will have overcome the major obstacle. ~ The hull is the single largest expense and comes necessarily at the beginning of the restoration. ~ It holds intact the triple expansion steam engine and all other machinery within. ~ We need everyone's help to make it happen.

We need E-Mail Addresses and other Information.

We want to advise people across the country of our Web Page address. ~ Those who may help us bring this about. ~ Please advise of Web Directories or other available Government, Newspapers, Radio and TV Station and Network E-Mail addresses. ~ We do not intend to spam the listings by any means but need to make every effort to advise those who would have interest in our project.

Spread the word. ~ Tell those with no link to the WEB.

Please tell those friends who remember the "Crystal Beach Boat". ~ We know they are out there in Colorado and Florida and all around the country. ~ Please tell those with an interest in bringing her back. ~ You will help make it happen.


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