The Canadiana

A message to our Canadian neighbors

 We want to give special thanks to our friends in Canada. ~ We indeed have much to be thankful for. ~ The news coverage throughout the entire Niagara Peninsula has been tremendous. ~ Front pages and full pages in cities and towns such as Ft Erie, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Dunville, Welland, St Catherine's and elsewhere. ~ Fund raising has brought in very substantial amounts from individuals, not to mention the $118,000.00 that has been promised to the project from the Canadian government.

Through an economic development grant to the City of Port Colborne, our "match" money has been raised and the Canadiana's hull restoration will be able to be done. ~ Those funds will stay in Canada in the form of wages to pay the workers needed during the rebuild period. ~ The training in welding and the other professions that will be gained from this project will continue to benefit many people, well after the hull has been rebuilt.

While much of what is contained in our web pages was prepared for the I.S.T.E.A. application and similar efforts emphasizing the benefits to the U.S. side of the lake, we want to take this opportunity to assure Canadians we are working just as hard for Canadian children and their families. ~ Everything said and done for this side applies equally to both sides of the lake. ~ Our Canadian Board members have worked very hard because they understand all this ship can bring in both directions as it crosses the lake throughout the summer months.

We are to have the Canadiana hull repaired and then annually maintained at the dry dock in Port Colborne, ON. ~ Our need for a destination once we leave the Buffalo harbor is wonderfully met again by the very significant City of Port Colborne. ~ Sitting at the south end of the world famous Welland Canal, it is a great place for Buffalonians to visit. ~ With a perfect cruise length of 1-1/2 hours in each direction, people will cross to see its museums, theaters, high end shops and the Welland Canal where they can tour the locks and enjoy watching the ocean vessels passing through. ~ Even bike trails can be extended across the lake via the Canadiana. ~ To learn more of Port Colborne, use the link we have provided in our "Important Sites" page.

We envision the peoples of both sides coming into the respective ports early in the day in preparation for a cruise. ~ Two thousand people on each side. ~ We will transport each to the others land where they can see, explore, shop, learn, attend theater or otherwise enjoy the day. ~ We will bring those who may otherwise have stayed home, out onto the lake for a grand day. ~ Our voyagers will be brought home just in time to continue the day with dining and an evenings entertainment on their own grounds. ~ We will visit Dunville, Welland, St Catherine's and elsewhere for festivals and holidays and anywhere just for the school children. ~ We will take them on field trips to learn of the steam and mechanical means. ~ We will do the same for many types of children's charities and organizations. ~ We are not-for-profit and our aim is to educate and round the lives of our children. ~ We will assist Canadian children as we do with those from our side. ~ We are not-for-profit. ~ It will not matter where we do not make money.

Thank you all... Please help "Float the Boat".

Floyd Baker, President SSCPS, Inc.

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