A Tribute to the S.S. Canadiana 1910 - 2004, photo by Rick Doan.

The ship was designed by Frank E. Kirby for the Lake Erie Excursion Company, owner of Crystal Beach Amusement Park Built and launched at the Buffalo Dry Dock at a cost of $150,000, the ship featured three decks with a length of 216 feet and a beam of 56 feet. Her triple expansion 1,446 horsepower steam engine generated a top speed of 23 knots.  Amenities included the largest dance floor on the Great Lakes with a live orchestra.
As a passenger ferry between Buffalo and Crystal Beach she made six daily excursions. Nicknamed "The Crystal Beach Boat" with a maximum capacity of 3,500, she carried an estimated 1.5 million passengers over a 46 year run.
The Capstan, Bollard and Propeller, remain a silent testimony to Crystal Beach's Marine Heritage.

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My name is Mr. Lee, webmaster for the Bob-Lo Steamers, the Bob-Lo Boat Ste. Claire and former webmaster of the Steamer Columbia Foundation. The Bob-Lo Boats like the Canadiana were designed by famed marine architect Frank E. Kirby.  This site Is a tribute to Mr. Kirby and the men and women who served aboard the S.S. Canadiana.  It is also a tribute to  the Canadiana Preservation Society and its President Mr. Floyd Baker, this group is to be commended for their dedication and tireless efforts to save Canadiana. Sadly Canadiana was scrapped, another piece of our maritime history stolen from us. The links in the side menu bar contain the links to the text from the original S.S. Canadiana Preservation Society web site.  The top menu bar are links to the new pages I have created. 

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